Mouth-Watering Dishes

Care for a bite to eat? Our menu is brimming with home-cooked, seasonal favourites destined to get your mouth watering. From light bites and sandwiches to classic burgers and dogs, you’ll have no problem sating an appetite before hitting that dance floor.

For allergy information, please check below.

Big Plates...

Chickpea & Spinach Curry (v)

Price: 9.95

with Basmati rice and warm naan bread.

Hand Battered Fish & Chips

Price: 9.95

with homemade tartare sauce.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Breast

Price: 9.95

with rosemary fries and crunchy Asian slaw.

Sweet Chilli Salmon

Price: 12.95

with sweet potato fries and crunchy Asian slaw.

Londoner Sausage & Mash

Price: 9.95

with roasted red onions and a rich onion gravy.

Flat Iron Steak

Price: 12.95

with roasted red onion and rosemary fries.

Aged Rib Eye Steak

Price: 16.95

with roasted red onion and rosemary fries.

Burgers & Dogs...

Great British Beef Burger

Price: 8.95

Chargrilled beef, plain and simple.

Blue Burger

Price: 9.5

Our beef burger, topped with melting stilton cheese.

Dirty Burger

Price: 9.95

Our beef burger, smothered in BBQ pulled pork.

Chicken Burger

Price: 8.95

Chargrilled chicken escalope.

Cheese & Bacon Burger

Price: 9.95

Cheddar cheese and crispy bacon on our beef burger.

Falafel Burger (v)

Price: 8.95

Falafel and spinach burger.

Smoky Dog

Price: 7.95

Smoked pork frankfurter topped with soured cream and mild mustard.

Smoky Pulled Pork Dog

Price: 8.95

Smoky dog with BBQ pulled pork.


Cajun Chicken

Price: 10.75

Smoked Paprika Steak

Price: 11.75

Grilled Vegetables (v)

Price: 9

From The Grill...

7oz Sirloin Steak

Price: 15

8oz Aged Rib-eye Steak

Price: 17

Add pepper, red wine or mushroom sauce £1.50

Land & Sea

Price: 19.5

Sirloin topped with Tiger Prawns

Rosemary & Thyme Crusted Lamb Rump

Price: 15.5

Loin of Cod

Price: 15.5

with a spiced tomato sauce

Light Bites...

Grilled Garlic London Sourdough Bread (v)

Price: 3.95

Sourdough slices brushed with garlic cream cheese and toasted.

Avocado & Toasted Rosemary Focaccia (v)

Price: 4.95

Creamy avocado crushed with fiery red chillies, olive oil, coriander, lime and toasted sesame seeds. Served with focaccia toast.

Chorizo Sausage Roll

Price: 4.5

Spicy Chorizo sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry and served with our red pepper ketchup.

Classic BBQ Chicken Wings

Price: 4.95

Finger licking chicken wings smothered in hickory barbecue sauce.

Salt & Black Pepper Calamari

Price: 4.95

Crispy squid rings served with our homemade tartare sauce.


Hot Chocolate Brownie (v)

Price: 4.95

Rich chocolate brownie, served hot with vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Tart

Price: 4.95

Tangy lemon tart, garnished with fresh raspberries.


Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad

Price: 8.95

Grilled chicken & bacon, tossed with avocado and crunchy ciabatta croutons served on baby spinach leaves and tossed in a mild mustard dressing.

Roasted Vegetable & Halloumi Salad (v)

Price: 7.95

Oven roasted butternut squash, carrot, courgette and red onion topped with grilled halloumi and toasted pine nuts in a balsamic glaze.

Cold Smoked Salmon Salad

Price: 9.5

Smoked salmon and baby gem leaves tossed with carrots, croutons and cucumber in a citrus sour cream dressing.


Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Price: 7.95

Montgomery Jack, Comte & Ogleshield Cheddar with fruity tomato chutney.

Pastrami and Emmental Cheese

Price: 9.5

NY Style pastrami with pickle, Emmental cheese and mustard .

Fish Finger Sandwich

Price: 7.95

Crispy beer battered cod, with homemade tartare sauce and lemon.

Seared Steak on London Sourdough

Price: 8.95

with English mustard, juicy beef tomatoes and watercress.

Grilled Chicken on London Sourdough

Price: 8.5

with caramelised red onions, mayo and salad.


Rosemary Fries (v)

Price: 3.5

Beef Salt Tomatoes (v)

Price: 2.95

Mac n Cheese (v)

Price: 3.95

Asian Slaw (v)

Price: 3.5

Onion Rings (v)

Price: 3.5

Sweet Potato Fries (v)

Price: 3.5


Master Mixology

Sit yourself down and let our friendly bartenders make you feel at home, with a menu of drinks designed to relax and excite from the very first sip. From classic cocktails like the Cosmo, Mojito or Caipirinha, to the more extravagant champagne cocktails we have on offer, you’re sure to find something to tantalise your tastebuds.

Check out our drinks list below or download a menu!

Champagne Cocktails...

Champagne Mojito

Price: 10

Bacardi Superior, G.H. Mumm Champagne, elderflower cordial, lime, soda water, fresh mint

Kir Royale

Price: 10

G.H. Mumm Champagne, crème de cassis


Price: 9

Peach purée, Da Luca Prosecco

Classic Cocktails...

Woo Woo

Price: 8.25

Eristoff vodka, Archers peach schnapps, cranberry juice, lime

Tuesday Rock Star

Price: 8.25

Eristoff vodka, Disaronno Amaretto, Coca Cola

Tormenta Negra

Price: 8.25

Bacardi Black, lime, Angostura bitters, ginger beer

Sapphire Breeze

Price: 8.25

Bombay Sapphire gin, cranberry and grapefruit juice

Porn Star Martini

Price: 8.75

Absolut Vanilia vodka, Passoã, vanilla syrup, lime, passionfruit, Da Luca Prosecco

Passage To Bombay

Price: 8.25

Bombay Sapphire gin, Chambord, lemon, sugar syrup


Price: 8.25

Olmeca Reposado tequila, triple sec, lime

Mai Tai

Price: 8.25

Bacardi Gold, orange curacao, lime, Angostura bitters, orgeat syrup

Long Island Iced Tea

Price: 8.25

Eristoff vodka, Bacardi Superior, Beefeater gin, Olmeca Blanco tequila, triple sec, Coca Cola, lemon


Price: 8.25

Jack Daniels, Cointreau, lemonade


Price: 8.25

Absolut Citron vodka, triple sec, lime, cranberry juice


Price: 8.25

Sagitaba Cachaca, lime, sugar syrup


Price: 8.25

Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon, sugar syrup, blackberry liqueur

Bacardi Breeze

Price: 8.25

Bacardi Superior, pineapple and cranberry juice, lime

Apple Jack

Price: 8.25

Jack Daniels, apple juice, lemon


Virgin Mojito

Price: 3.95

A long refreshing blend of mint, lime and sugar soaked with apple juice

Ginger Ninja

Price: 3.95

Pressed pineapple, spiced with fiery Schweppes ginger beer and fresh lime

Atomic Pom

Price: 3.95

Superfood pomegranate and apple juice, sweetened with elderflower



Price: 8.75

Bacardi Superior, lime, soda water, mint, strawberries

Orange & Passionfruit

Price: 8.75

Bacardi Superior, lime, passionfruit, orange, soda water, fresh mint

Mixed Berry

Price: 8.75

Bacardi Superior, lime, soda water, mint, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries


Price: 8.75

Bacardi Superior, lime, bubblegum syrup, soda water, fresh mint, bubblegum bon bons


Price: 8.25

Bacardi Superior, lime, soda water, fresh mint


Giant Porn Star Martini

Price: 22

Absolut Vanilia vodka, Passoã, vanilla syrup, lime, passionfruit, Da Luca Prosecco

Long Island Iced Tea

Price: 21

Eristoff vodka, Bacardi Superior, Beefeater gin, Olmeca Blanco tequila, triple sec, Coca Cola, lemon



Price: 7

Monster and Jägermeister


Price: 5

Kahlúa, Baileys and Cointreau perfectly layered

All Sorted

Price: 5

Baileys sandwiched between Antica Black sambuca and Eristoff Black vodka